German, English to Russian interpreter in Kiev, Stefan Id Kv 015

Stefan ID KV015

Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, English to Russian, Ukrainian Interpreter

City: Kiev

2008 - present day

Freelance conference interpreter and translator

Interpreting at international conferences and events, translation of texts: legal, nuclear, transport, economics, politics, medicine, business etc.

Minor interpreting and translation assignments carried out on a daily basis.

Simultaneous interpreting at ENEF 2012 - International conference on „Sustainable Use of Natural Energy Sources on National and Regional Level", Slovakia – Russian, Slovak (3 days)

Staff interpreter for Alstom Group, Slovakia – English, Slovak (16 months)

Staff interpreter for STF at Gonyu NPP, Hungary – English, Hungarian, Slovak (6 months)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at Urban development conference, Primate´s Palace, Bratislava - English, Slovak

Silent booth training at the European Council, Brussels

Forestry and agriculture conference – English, Slovak, Czech (2 days)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at Microsoft conference on coaching, Slovakia – English, Russian (2 days)

Simultaneous interpreting at Brown-fields revitalization conference, Ferrara, Italy – English, Slovak (3 days)

Consecutive interpreting at business negotiations, Slovakia – English, Russian, Slovak

(2 weeks, 4-6 times a year)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at the 5th convention of Police Trade Unions, interpreting for the Prime-minister and Minister of Interior of the Slovak Republic (2 days)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at Western Balkans conference, Slovakia – English, Slovak (1 day)

Consecutive interpreting at radiological waste treatment meeting, Slovakia – English, Russian, Slovak (1 week)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at India business opportunities conference, Slovakia – English, Slovak (1 day)

Consecutive interpreting during WANO Peer Review at Mochovce NPP, Slovakia – English, Russian, Slovak (2 weeks)

Simultaneous booth interpreting at SAP seminar for NPPs, Slovakia – English, Slovak (2 weeks)

Escort interpreting at WHO conference on prison health, Slovakia – English, Russian, Slovak

Personal assistance 15 $ per hour
Interpreting, guiding 15 $ per hour
Business meetings 18 $ per hour
Full Day (8 hours) 115 $

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