V dosku svoi

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Aren't you a friend? Won't you visit our "V dosku svoi" place? ("V dosku svoi" means your pissed in a newt friend. Literally it translates as "drunk as a trunk" that is why the entire interior is decorated with wood and trunks.)

"V dosku svoi" is a great place for anybody. The main restaurant lodge can accommodate up to 250 people. Its soft chairs and sofas, its wooden interior design creates a cozy place and put people at ease. You can always find a snug corner for your romantic date tête-à-tête, for a family diving out or for a get-together with your friends. Besides, the restaurant facility is equipped with window-type TV displays and it makes a perfect place for watching soccer games or other sporting events in wide circle of friends.

"V dosku svoi" provides entertainment even for its youngest guests. It offers kids' corner full of toys and special kids' menu. Indeed you can have a great night out with your family in our place.

"V dosku svoi" karaoke lodge is a great and fun option for our most active guests! People sing their souls out till the morning! Our up to date karaoke system and great acoustics allows you to show your talent to its fullest. Our song collection has a wide range of foreign and local hits. You can find a song to pour your soul out, to sing your heart out to your loved one or just to have a jolly time with your friends.
Restaurant's menu offers you European, Italian and Japanese cuisines. Pizzas, pasta, starters, deserts, rolls, sushi and other dainties would appetize and fill you up. True booze enthusiasts would truly be satisfied by our bar drink list.
Visit "V dosku svoi" restaurant! We all are friends here!

"V dosku svoi" opens up at 11 a.m. and keeps working till all our guests get eat up, top up and dance to their heart's content!

Additional Info

  • Phone number: (056) 7903049
  • City: Dnepropetrovsk
  • Adress: Glinka str. 2
  • Working hours: 11:00 - ...
  • Price range: 12-18$
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisines: European, Japanese

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