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Dykanka restaurant has fully restored the legendary and mysterious atmosphere and style of Gogol fairytale "Evenings on a farm near Dykanka".

Dykanka main lodge is as dark and as beautiful as real starry night. The black sky dome is all spotted with the sparkling stars. Yellow lamps create astonishing and rupturing sunset gleams on this "sky". Large and spreading oak tree in the middle of the lodge completes the picture. This cozy sight makes you want to nestle down in one of Dykanka's snugs. There is a great choice of such spots there.
For instance, one may settle down in the shade of the oak tree near the lath fence or in one of the little huts or at the fragrant woodpile. Or, you may occupy the large table at the "porch".

The main lodge is not the only lodge in Dykanka. There are four VIP-huts adorned in folk Ukrainian style. There is also a special "Vakula-Oksana" private dating room. It's a small and cozy groggery with many old wines stored on its shelves. The room is hidden away from the main lodge. It's a special romantic dating spot.

Right from the night of Ukrainian village you get transported into the royal lodge of Ekaterina queen. It's a large lodge adorned with kingly magnificence. The room was specially created for solemn events. The main colors used there are white and gold. The hall is decorated with beautiful lamps and paintings. Such commodities as separate entrance, stage, small aperitif room and large balcony add to your comfort.

Restaurant's outer court blooms with flowers, it has several bridges and one little brook along with cozy wooden pavilions in it. The court is large and green. It can accommodate up to 300 people. Its pond has carp and crucian fish in it. You may order to get them caught and fried for you on one of the two outdoor grills. The grills are large enough to fry gammon of bacon on it or the entire bonnive or a sturgeon.

The name of this restaurant suggests the type of cuisine you may find in it. It offers you a wide range of traditional, hetman and farm-style Ukrainian dishes. You may taste old-fashioned grechaniki and refined spinach and salmon cabbage rolls. There is a wide range of meat and fish dishes offered in the restaurant. You may also order pierogi, dumplings, pickles, etc. Dykanka's chef has preserved the authenticity of Ukrainian cuisine, but has added more elegance and sophistication to it.

Additional Info

  • Phone number: 0445733523
  • City: Kiev
  • Adress: 4a Andriia Malyshka St.
  • Working hours: 12:00-02:00
  • Price range: 25$
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisines: Ukrainian, European, Georgian

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