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"Zlachnoe" café strikes a balance between its unusual interior design adorned with rusty and shabby chic items, its calm air, green outdoor venue, and old fashion dishes cooked after a new manner. We know well the taste and benefits of organic foods. The fine cuisine of our chef brings you all the wholesome energy of grains making the food more nourishing and good for your body.

Finally, you are the "main dish" of our café. Our guests make this place alive.

Visit "Zlachnoe" café to for an early breakfast, eat a square lunch or tasty dinner here. During the summer we make your day by serving freshly brewed home-made kvass (bread juice) and fruit drinks. During the winter time you can get warm by tasting our glogg and grog. We serve them as take-away drinks, so you may enjoy your walk down Deribasovskaya Street sipping these hot drinks. Besides, you can buy edible favors at our place: fruit and veggie chips, different kinds of gem, special recipe liquors, etc.

Additional Info

  • Phone number: +380979070229
  • City: Odessa
  • Adress: Deribasovskaya, 22
  • Working hours: Mon - Thurs 8:00-23:00 Friday – Sun 8:00-24:00
  • Price range: 9–18$
  • Type: Cafe
  • Cuisines: Fresh farm food

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