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People enjoy the sweets of life in Bavarian brasseries. Where else can one take part in the sacred brewing process? Where else can one enjoy some freshly brewed beer and have a jaw with a friend? Where else can you find such a square home cooked meal? Where else one gets such big and friendly smiles of beer-jerkers, who carry eight head pint pots at a time? Brasserie and restaurant "Augustine" is a perfect match for Bavarian traditions. Its' interior design is conceptual – it is furnished with square and solid furniture; the walls are paved with stone and decorated with china plates and pint pot shelves and various ornaments.

The brasserie is full of mirth and merrymaking in the evenings. There is the live music there; people watch sport games. The owner of the brasserie – monk Augustine cracks a smile at his guests from the portrait on the wall. Smiling and jolly girls wearing pinners serve guests their beer brewed after classic Dutch recipes with the best European malt. During the summer time two arboret verandas nest those who wish to stay and rest in quiet atmosphere. The beer garden has many tables placed under branchy chestnuts.

At "Augustine" they serve square meals, as is perfectly fitting for the Bavarian hospitality. Before you know it they serve you appetizing beer sausage and pig ears cooked after 100 percent original German recipes and under strict supervision of our chef, who was trained by the best Dutch chefs. Our hot specialties are worth a try: roasted knuckle roll and Munich ravioli; do not forget to taste our deserts – our famous "Napoleon" cake, strudel, etc.

Additional Info

  • Phone number: +38066-365-8-365
  • City: Poltava
  • Adress: Pervomaisky Ave 19
  • Working hours: 24h
  • Price range: 18$
  • Type: Restaurant Brewery
  • Cuisines: German, European

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